While autumn technically began in September, the weather here in Southern California is finally starting to cool down and our thoughts turn to updating our homes. Here are some of the fun, classy and cozy trends we’ll see this fall.

Subway Tile. You might be picturing the dank, loud and gritty underground when someone mentions subway tile, but this trend is versatile and used in a myriad of ways. Architectural Digest shares 23 ways you can incorporate this white glazed tile as a peaceful backdrop or to create a bold, crisp look. House Beautiful also highlights this trend.

Back to Black. While black has been universally integrated into home styling forever, we’re now seeing black matte accessories and appliances appear in homes. This fresh approach lays the foundation for pieces to pop amongst the black elements or allows you to create a classy black-on-black style.

Bye, Bye Brushed Metal. Industrial-looking finishes are out the door, making room for warm, shiny metals like bronze and gold. These rich, cozy hues are showing up in hand-carved picture frames, elegant lamps or snuggle-worthy golden accent pillows and rugs.

It’s a Faux Fur Thing. Speaking of rugs, we’re noticing faux fur rugs, throws and toss pillows. While most pieces are a single neutral color (think white, tan or black), some have additional subtle tones. Texture makes a big impact, but it’s smart to limit this intense style to just one or two items to avoid looking tacky.

Dark Days Ahead. While some people worry that dark colors can make a room feel crowded and small, a solid dark wall can actually make it seem warm and cozy. Black, dark brown and navy are surprising choices that serve as a great canvas for the rest of your room’s look.

Nailed It! Were seeing brass, gold and silver nail heads on chairs, headboards and other pieces. We’ve even noticed art created using nail heads. This timeless yet trendy look works well in a variety of homes.

Marvelous Marble. Depending on which designers you track, you’ll find that marble is in. Or out. Consider this your decorating mulligan and do whatever feels right to you!

Trends are fun to follow, but the bottom line is that you should feel good in your home and style it to reflect your unique personality. Enjoy your journey.

– By Lauren Howey